OCI data interface Gutekunst Federn Open Catalog Interface (OCI) is an open and standardized catalog data interface for the exchange of catalog and order data between purchasing programs (eProcurement systems such as “SAP Enterprise Buyer Professional”) and external online shops. The OCI punchout standard was defined by SAP. Via this interface, the buyer directly accesses the current catalogue data in the supplier’s online shop and compiles the desired articles in the shopping cart. After completing the article selection in the supplier’s shopping cart, the buyer can then transfer all relevant information of the order to his purchasing system via a punchout. This means that the order, with the order data from the supplier’s external online shop, can pass through the company’s internal ordering process at the purchaser’s with any approvals, budget checks, etc. as normal.

Gutekunst Federn offers this OCI punchout catalogue interface in its Spring shop for simplified internal order processing. Ask your IT department about the possibility of using an OCI punchout interface for internal order processing in the Gutekunst Federnshop.

your advantage

  • Quick selection of suitable metal springs in the spring shop
  • Via the OCI punchout you transfer the shopping cart from the Federnshop directly into your eProcurement or ERP system.
  • Process costs in purchasing decrease

Setting up the OCI interface

To use the OCI interface you need a customer account on Federnshop.com. Please register on Federnshop.com with your company and contact details, while giving yourself a password. If you are already registered on Federnshop.com, please use these login details.

After registration, please set the following connection parameters in your e-procurement system.

OCI parameters Value
URL https://www.federnshop.com/de/account/ociautologin.html
USERNAME E-mail address registration Federnshop
PASSWORD Password registration Federnshop
~OkCode ADDI
~TARGET _top
HOOK_URL Return URL (https://URL_RETURN_ADDRESS) to your e-procurement system

To activate the OCI interface, please send your e-mail address (registration Federnshop) and, if applicable, a supplier number for Gutekunst Federn, which should also be transferred, to mugrauer@gutekunst-co.com.

Based on the OCI connection parameters, the connection URL is structured as follows:

https://www.federnshop.com/de/account/ociautologin.html?~OkCode=ADDI&~TARGET=_top&~CALLER=CTLG&~HTTP_CONTENT_CHARSET=UTF-8&USERNAME=email address&PASSWORD=password&HOOK_URL=return URL

Transmission of order

Please then send the order from your system by e-mail to order@gutekunst-co.com or fax +49 7123 960-195.


If you have any questions about the OCI interface, please contact Mr. Mugrauer at +49 7123 960-146 or mugrauer@gutekunst-co.com.


OCI Punchout Catalog Data Interface
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