Safety elements are small, almost inconspicuous machine components that are used in almost every construction. The form-fitting components act as guide elements to protect and limit other machine parts against axial play. The security elements are available in many designs. This makes them suitable for different applications.

Below is a selection of security elements from Gutekunst Federn:

Snap rings

Snap rings are special forms of the locking ring. In mechanical engineering, they prevent components such as wheels, sealing elements and bearings on axles, shafts or within bores from shifting axially. These special forms can be used in many ways and in many cases offer the most cost-effective solution. There are two types of snap rings:

Snap ring to secure the shaft

Snap ring to secure the bore

Gutekunst Federn offers Snap rings for shafts and bores in mild steel EN 10270-1 and stainless steel EN 10270-3-1.4310 from stock in various dimensions.

Spring plug

Spring cotter pins secure axial bolts, axles and anti-twist devices such as castle nuts. They belong to the quick safety elements. Depending on the size of the bolt to be secured, the plugs are available in different sizes and two different designs:

Single spring plugs from Gutekunst Federn

  • As Double spring plug according to DIN 11024 with two turns. The frictional connection of the spring plug is lower due to the double turn. The user can thus set and pull the element more easily through the second turn.

Double spring plugs from Gutekunst Springs

Here you can find the article selection of Single spring plugs and Double spring plugs in mild steel EN 10270-1 and stainless steel EN 10270-3-1.4310

Fokker needles or safety clips

The focus needle, also known as a safety clip, secures screw connections. It is mainly used in aviation, but also in many other applications. It prevents the unintentional loosening of screws, which can be caused by vibrations, among other things. To do this, the focus needle is passed through the crown and the threaded hole.

Fokker needle from Gutekunst Federn


Here you can find the article selection Fokker needles / safety clips in mild steel EN 10270-1 and stainless steel EN 10270-3-1.4310

The following products also belong to the security elements:

Individual spring pins and safety elements

In addition to standardized spring clips and safety clips according to DIN, Gutekunst Federn also produces spring clips, clips and split pins for special applications in any desired shape. Do you need individual security elements? Then send your requirements as well as a sketch or drawing with the desired quantity to or contact our directly Technology department at (0049) 07123 960-193 .


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