Federarbeit | Gutekunst FedernIn the spring work “ W “ becomes through when tensioning the spring Deformation work potential energy generated and stored, which is released again when the spring is released. The spring work always results as the area below the Spring characteristic and with the help of the Spring constant describe. In most cases the spring characteristic is linear ( Hooke’s law ) with an even force curve. Thus, with a linear spring characteristic, the following applies:

Spring work for Compression springs and Tension springs

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Formula: W=\frac<wpml_curved wpml_value='1'></wpml_curved><wpml_curved wpml_value='2'></wpml_curved>F\cdot s






Spring work for Torsion springs

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Formula: W=\frac<wpml_curved wpml_value='1'></wpml_curved><wpml_curved wpml_value='2'></wpml_curved>M\cdot \alpha






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