Today’s designers work exclusively with CAD programs.

That reinforces the trend too Standard springs . The CAD data is already available here, the designers lose no time: Simply go to the provider’s website, download the data and import it into the design program. Another advantage is that the springs are usually immediately available from stock.

Original size picture with mouse click
Variety of springs from Gutekunst Federn from stock or individually (click on picture in original size)

However, the use of standard springs can have the disadvantage that the design has to be modified to the best possible standard spring. In order to provide the designers with optimal solutions, the Swabian spring manufacturer offers besides its Standard spring program also individual springs with CAD data. Manufactures on the basis of requirement profiles, drawings or samples Gutekunst Federn any desired spring from any available material.

The design and development can be done according to customer specifications at Gutekunst Federn, or the designer can calculate the desired spring himself with the tried and tested WinFSB program . Immediately after the calculation you can CAD data can be generated in various formats in 2D and 3D.

For larger quantities, the price of individual springs is not higher than that of standard springs.

Gutekunst Federn has to be in the past again and again standard program expanded to include dimensions that are in great demand, but individual spring production still accounts for 20 percent of total production.

You will find the complete spring catalog with shop and CAD data generator as well as the individual spring calculation program .

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