Extension springs by the meter - extension spring strands - Gutekunst FedernTension springs by the meter are tension spring strands without eyelets with a total length of 100 cm. The tension springs sold by the meter can be cut individually to any desired length. In order to enable the eyelets to be bent correctly after the spring strand has been cut, Gutekunst tension springs sold by the meter (tension spring strands) are not thermally post-treated.

Gutekunst Federn offers Extension springs by the meter in 496 sizes and two different Spring materials from stock. Patented drawn spring steel wire EN 10270-1 type DH and stainless steel EN 10270-3-1.4310. The tension springs sold by the meter are right-wound (clockwise).



Below is some technical information about tension springs by the meter.

Thermal post-treatment

The tension springs sold by the meter do not have any thermal treatment to enable the eyelets to be bent correctly. Before using them as tension springs, the springs should be tempered. Thermal treatment / 30 minutes at 240 ° C / cooling by air.

Spring forces

The specified Spring force Fn is the maximum force that can be achieved with the spring. The specified spring rate R1 applies to the use of one turn. If the spring body has several coils, the result is the Spring rate from the division of R1 by the number of effective turns (R = R1 / n). The greatest extension length results from dividing the maximum permissible force, less preload, by the spring rate (sn =[Fn-F0] / R).

Surface treatments

The tension spring strands made of spring steel wire EN 10270-1 type DH and type SH are lightly oiled after production. Tension spring strands made of material no.1.4310 / EN 10270-3 are not treated any further after production; surface protection is normally not required. All Surface treatments the tension spring strands have the disadvantage that the application of protection between the windings is only possible with extraordinary effort due to the pretensioning of the spring body. Here is your choice of one suitable spring material preferable to subsequent surface treatment.

Spring test

Before the tension spring strands arrive in our finished goods warehouse, they are tested for compliance with the toleranced forces and dimensions. This is done in our testing department in accordance with DIN ISO 2859-1 test level II. The simple sampling plan for normal testing with test severity AQL = 1.0 is used.


The spring calculation of the tension springs in meter goods (tension spring strands) was carried out according to EN 13906 part 2. DIN 2097 quality grade II was used as a basis for the tolerances.

Eyelet bending pliers

Gutekunst Federn offers its own eyelet bending pliers (instructions for use) to quickly attach eyelets to the spring bodies (tension springs by the meter / tension spring strands) yourself.

Eye bending pliers from Gutekunst Federn

It offers the following options:

  1. For bending English eyelets
  2. For bending side eyelets (single, double, closed or open)
  3. For wire thicknesses from 0.3 to 1.5 mm
  4. For outer diameters of the spring body from 3.0 to 15 mm

Eye bending pliers from Gutekunst Federn with all the necessary inserts in a wooden box.

Order number FZ-1 at a price of EUR 109.41 plus VAT

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