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Design metal springs

Compression springs, extension springs and torsion springs are typical C-parts: They are not the focus of the procurement process, but are installed in almost all technical applications. The requirements for the spring design are very versatile and individual. Compressive, tensile or bending load? Small or large? With shaped ends or straight? Extremely resistant or standard? Linear or progressive characteristic?

It is therefore important for the spring supplier to be able to react flexibly to customer requirements and to be able to supply individual special springs in addition to the standard springs that are quickly available from stock. Gutekunst Federn offers exactly this flexibility with its extensive catalog range of 12,603 spring sizes from stock and individual spring production up to 12 millimeter wire thickness. If one of the catalog springs in classic cylindrical design in mild steel EN 10270-1 and stainless 1.431 fits, then the need is quickly covered. In special applications, the spring is precisely matched to the installation situation and the individual requirements: as a cylindrical spring, conical spring, barrel spring or beehive spring with variable spring characteristics and coil spacings. The design and calculation of compression springs, extension springs and torsion springs is carried out in accordance with DIN EN 13906 using various design aids and Gutekunst Federn’s wealth of experience.

Metal springs are small force accumulators that absorb energy when loaded and release it when unloaded. Depending on the requirements, each spring is made of spring steel wire on a spring coiling machine. The metal spring is therefore a purely mechanical product. This means that the spring design is of great importance, because it is not possible to make subsequent changes via a software update or a function adjustment. Consequently, the development of a metal spring requires special attention and also special design tools such as a spring calculation program, utility information and design data in the form of CAD data and diagrams. And also, of course, an experienced spring manufacturer who can achieve the required properties by properly coiling spring steel wire.

Gutekunst Federn is such an experienced spring manufacturer, producing metal springs from spring steel wire since 1963. However, Gutekunst is also a service provider and development helper in all aspects of spring technology, providing the right service tools for spring development for its customers and interested parties.


Gutekunst service tools for the design of metal springs:

Infoblog from Gutekunst Federn
Infoblog from Gutekunst Federn

Spring blog with many interesting articles about metal springs

At, an infoblog on the subject of metal springs has been available to everyone since 2015. No matter if a technician is looking for material properties or an engineer needs calculation formulas for spring calculation: The infoblog maintained by Gutekunst Federn revolves entirely around the topic of metal springs. In addition to in-depth product information, the Infoblog primarily conveys technical knowledge and know-how. An editorial team continuously produces interesting articles on the subject of metal springs. We are also happy to process customer inquiries on very specific topics. For this purpose, all questions on the subject of metal springs that have always been of interest can be asked via the question mark “?” at the top right of the info blog.


Spring calculation program WinFSB

WinFSB_goodart_feathers_600px300,000 installations worldwide and 2,500 online accesses daily show it clearly: With the independent, free spring calculation program WinFSB Gutekunst Federn covers the needs of many designers, students and people interested in springs.

WinFSB is a spring calculation program for compression springs, extension springs and torsion springs, developed according to the German standard for springs and Gutekunst Federn’s wealth of experience. The calculation can be performed according to a wide variety of variants, for example, whether the metal spring is to be calculated according to displacement and force ratios or simply according to dimensional properties. The spring calculation program calculates the desired metal spring with all important parameters, additionally offers various diagrams, such as the Goodman diagram, and a direct interface to the Gutekunst CAD generator for 2D and 3D CAD data. The spring calculation program WinFSB is freely available to everyone as online spring calculation and offline spring calculation (PC version).


CAD generator Gutekunst springs
CAD generator Gutekunst springs

CAD generator to incorporate the calculated metal spring into the design right away

Today’s designers work exclusively with CAD programs. This fundamentally reinforces the trend towards standard products. Here, the CAD data is already available and the designers do not lose any time: Simply download the data from the provider’s website and import it into the design program. However, in addition to its CAD data offer for the standard spring program, Gutekunst Federn also offers direct CAD data for individually calculated metal springs. This allows every designer to calculate his desired spring via WinFSB and then download it immediately in 2D and 3D format. Thus, for individual CAD data, it is already sufficient to perform a simple construction dimension calculation according to wire thickness “d”, outer coil diameter “De”, untensioned length “L0” and number of coils to obtain the required CAD data. Test it right away, here you can find the spring calculation program WinFSB.


The Gutekunst Feathers 1x1
The Gutekunst Feathers 1×1

The “Feathers 1×1”, a 24-page information brochure

The “Federn 1×1” from Gutekunst Federn is a free 24-page design and information brochure for compression springs, extension springs and torsion springs. In addition to calculation principles, shape- and material-specific data, and information on machining and operating behavior, the “Springs 1×1” also provides direct links to further programs on the Internet. The easy-to-understand brochure is aimed at experienced design engineers, but also at design beginners. The information brochure can be requested free of charge as a print version at, or downloaded here as a PDF version.

Of course, Gutekunst Federn’s engineering and development department will also take over the complete development of the desired metal spring if required. Simply send your requirements or a drawing of the desired metal spring to the e-mail address You can quickly reach the Technology and Development Department by phone at (+49) 07123 960-193.

Design of metal springs – practical service tools