Gutekunst's spring blog
Gutekunst’s spring blog

What does the Relaxation with metal springs? This has little to do with a recovery phase of the spring, but describes the unintentional increasing loss of force of the spring with increasing ambient temperature and duration of load. Or what is one Spring constant and why does it exist in one linear, progressive or degressive variant ? If you have already asked yourself such questions or just want to find out more about these topics, then you are at the Gutekunst Federn Infoblog at in the best of hands. This is the name of Gutekunst’s new knowledge and information channel on the subject Metal springs . There you will find interesting and useful topics on spring properties, spring applications, construction and design issues, spring calculation specifications, plus basic spring knowledge and extensive material and surface information.

Vibration diagram compression spring and tension spring
Vibration diagram compression spring and tension spring

The topics are prepared in a solution-oriented manner and meaningful with further information and Application tools networked. Gutekunst Federn offers extensive meaningful information on various spring-related problems and solutions. Subjects such as the various types of stress or the different designs treated by metal springs. The specifics of Mixing, series and parallel connections explained by springs. Basic spring terms such as “spring constant”, “ Goodman diagram ” and “ modulus of elasticity “Are read a hundred times a day in the knowledge and info blog.

Many challenging spring calculation topics are described for construction and design, for example the “ Spring design in two stages with proof of function and strength “. Or: “What does that mean Setting amount with compression springs? “. Also application tips for Metal springs in extreme cases or the Choosing the right spring are topic on Gutekunst Federn Info.

The best thing about Gutekunst Federn’s infoblog, however, is its dynamism: an interesting article is added every week, and under the “?” Button, every user can ask his or her individual questions about metal springs. Because even if the info blog continuously offers more knowledge, nothing beats a competent answer to a specific question! Just visit the Gutekunst Federn infoblog at if you need information or a Have a question about metal springs . Or sometimes even easier: Enter your quill question on Google. As a rule, you will find the Gutekunst spring information / answer on the first Google search results places.

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